I started to play guitar when I was 12 and I always wanted to make a perfect heavy metal/hard rock band
who could bring back the magical vibe and good old times from 80's rock scene.
I tried to do that for several years with several bands but without any good results.
In 2009 I realised I have to do everything on my own.
Here I am two years later with my debut album and there's no way I'll ever stop!

Instrument: Guitar, Bass, Vocal
DOB: December 30
Birthplace: Saldus, Latvia
Height: 178cm/70.1 in
Weight: 78kg/171.6 lbs
Eyes: Grey
Hair: Dark blond
First Band: Dark Star Wood
Other Bands: The Warps, Travolta!

Band/Album: Metallica - Master Of Puppets, Whitesnake - 1987
Movie: Lord Of The Rings
Meal/Food: Fast Food
Book: Clapton: The Autobiography
TV shows: The Simpsons, Family Guy, Big Bang Theory, The Office, That Metal Show
Hobbies: Snowboarding, Music recording
Occupation if not a musician: Video editor/ video designer
Most memorable concert: Metallica at Tallinn, Estonia 2006
Favorite Guitars: Fender Stratocaster/Gibson Les Paul
Beer or Whiskey?: Beer
Blondes or brunettes?: Both
Cars or bikes?: Bikes
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